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Monday, 07 March 2016

2015 saw the UK smash all previous records of new companies formed in a year. With a staggering 4.57% increase of start ups from 2014, new SMEs are popping up all over Britain.

London has of cially hit over 1 million new companies. Outside of England’s capital, other counties have been having colossal rises too. The county with the biggest increase of new businesses from 2014 to 2015 was Derbyshire with 20%. On the other hand, Gloucestershire only saw a 0.1% increase making it the county with the least company formations growth. Overall, the top 3 counties with the highest number of new start ups were Greater London, Greater Manchester and the West Midlands.

Marc Labelda, Managing Director of Company Formations 24.7: “We our proud to be providing insights on the UK economy. It is incredible to see how the UK has embraced start up culture and, most importantly, how they are successfully contributing to society through job generation, the economy and improving our every day lives with their innovative products and services. Two encouraging statistics show that it isn’t only London that has start up fever and also, the amount of new companies that have directors under the age of 25.”

Factors for this development include the economic climate, government boosts in start up loans, progressive accelerator initiatives and unemployment. There has been a signi cant rise in directors aged under 25 which may imply the growing dif culty for new graduates to obtain their rst job or simply, a curiousity for the freedom, challenges and excitement that entrepreneurship demands. Moreover, tech start ups are now an essential part of the UK economy that created over 20,000 jobs in 2015.

The start up scene is constantly evolving and with London and Dublin in the top 25 global start up ecosystems in 2015, the UK is now a powerhouse for innovation in both Europe and Internationallly. Keep your eyes peeled for FinTech, personalised E-commerce, health tech, wearable technology and digital forensic services (e.g. cyber security) sectors as entrepreneurs grab at the opportunity to revolutionise our world.

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