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Are we finally going to see an emphasis on public sector technology? PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 23 November 2015

“Data is Power. This is what Matt Hancock said in a speech last month at the Institute for Government as he promised to tackle sharing and linking data in Government, in an attempt to improve public services. What we hope to see from the Spending Review is a clear indication that the Government recognises the need to embrace technology if they are to keep up with developments being made in the private sector.

James Norman, UK Public Sector CIO, EMC

The sheer growth of digital citizen services has been astounding and the Government needs to understand the demand and expectations of the ‘information generation’. Our recent ‘Future of Government Digital Services’ report found that over half of 18-34 year olds want more online services in business support, whilst businesses are losing an average of 33 working days a year as a result of inadequate online resources. In a world where ‘uberisation’ has become the buzzword of the year and companies like Airbnb are redefining the standards of customer service, government needs to see technology as not a costly disruptive influence but a fundamental tool to help better engage businesses and citizens. It will be interesting to see whether the delivery of smarter and more convenient online services in areas like healthcare, local government and tax, plays a focus in the Autumn Statement announcement.

We hope to see an emphasis on the creation of a digital foundation made of data and not paper. Hancock highlights the need for open data and transparency, as well as a smarter approach to drive efficiencies within government. Government as a Platform (GaaP) has been spoken about briefly in the past and we know that it has been reiterated that a commitment to GaaP strategy will be continued. No one group has all the answers. Knowledge sharing and an understanding of the need to collaborate and communicate effectively with all sectors will be important moving forward. We want to see more digital transformation within government, but this will only be possible if the financial and community support is there.”

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