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1 in 5 in the finance industry judge interviewees on what they find on social media PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 04 November 2015

A new study into the blurring lines of personal and professional social media use has found that those working within the finance sector are most likely to be the most judgemental of what they find on social media about an interviewee or interviewer, with 1 in 5 (19%) saying that what they’ve found has altered their judgement of them.

The finance sector were also the most picky about who they accepted as ‘friends’ on Facebook, with 42% saying they wouldn’t accept their manager, compared to a 35% UK average.

However, the study – carried out in October 2015 of over 1,000 UK employees – also found that the finance sector are the most cooperative with their employer’s social media rules, with over half (55%) stating they’ve read and follow their company’s social media policy, compared to a 39% average.

Overall, the research identified some interesting stats about employees social media use in varying sectors: 18% of UK employees don’t even know if their company has a social media policy – potentially opening their company up to risk.

  Encouragingly, 1 in 4 (25%) said that they would think carefully before posting content or pictures on social media about how it could affect theirs or someone else’s professional reputation.

  28% of UK employees are happy to accept any work colleague as a ‘friend’ on Facebook.

  The Marketing & Advertising sector are the most social media savvy, unsurprisingly, with 36% admitting they check their social media profiles before applying for a job (18% average), 23% stating they’re happy to promote their company through social media (12% average) and 58% stating they’ve read and follow their company’s social media policy – 19% more than the average.

The research follows a number of high-profile cases where employees have posted offensive, defamatory or ill-judged content from their personal social media account – thrusting their employer into the spotlight in the process.

Cases like these emphasise the importance of a company social media policy which reduces the risk posed to a company’s reputation by their employees.

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