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Friday, 16 October 2015
By harnessing the untapped power of the smartphone as a customer engagement interface, Mobile Journeys from Esendex can help the financial sector recoup outstanding UK personal debt, which at the end of July was estimated at £1.443 Trillion with an average debt per adult of £28,556, at the same time as excelling in customer service. 

Mobile Journeys, a next generation intelligent messaging solution accessible from any smartphone or internet enabled mobile device, make it simple and easy for customers to interact with financial sector organisations when, where, and how they want. Customers can engage with their financial providers in exactly the same way as they now interact with each other, via their smartphone.

“With 66% of UK adults now owning a smartphone the financial sector must take the opportunity to use this interface to improve how they engage with their customers,” said Geoff Love, CEO of Esendex, a provider of intelligent and transactional messaging solutions. “Mobile Journeys take customers to where financial organisations want them to be to do the things they want.”

Mobile Journeys allow financial organisations to deliver customer engagement solutions right to customers’ fingertips, giving them the power to engage in a way that is convenient for them. This control significantly drives up successful business outcomes and completion of calls to action, especially important when that outcome or call to action is the collection of monies owed.

Hosted on Esendex’s robust, secure and flexible mobile content delivery platform, underpinned by a high performance workflow engine, Mobile Journeys are activated via SMS, e-mail, web link or from printed or offline materials.

The Mobile Journeys’ versatile and flexible product suite delivers secure, personalised but controlled online customer engagement journeys that meet the mobile customer service needs and expectations of today’s UK smartphone society customers:

Mobile Payments - for secure payment transactions – to settle a loan or to make a loan repayment. Esendex is PCI-DSS and ISO27001 accredited providing complete peace of mind around security issues. Its content delivery platform integrates easily with major payment providers.

Mobile Forms - to quickly, easily and cost effectively obtain the necessary data required when interacting with customers around outstanding loan repayments or new loan applications, i.e. income and expenditure information.
Mobile Surveys - to obtain customer feedback on a product, experience or interaction.
Mobile Promotions - to market a new product, service or initiative.

One of the most important advantages of deploying Mobile Journeys as a customer engagement interface, rather than customers accessing a mobile website, is that the online journey is controlled. The risk of customers becoming distracted and veering from the path financial organisations want them to take is eliminated. Customers are guided to the desired outcome and a successful call to action.

Crucially, Mobile Journeys provide the ability to track, monitor and report on a customer’s individual journey. By delivering valuable analytics financial organisations can see where improvements are needed to further enhance the customer’s experience, increasing successful journey completion rates.

For those financial organisations looking to deliver a multi-channel customer engagement strategy Mobile Journeys can be seamlessly integrated with Esendex’s existing intelligent and transactional messaging solutions including: inbound and outbound SMS, SMS Chat, IVR, voice broadcasting and voice call backs.

“Mobile Journeys are available as off the shelf Foundation Journeys with an initial set up fee of around £1,995.00 followed by a simple monthly pricing structure starting from £495.00, or can be configured to meet individual business requirements,” added Love. “We are offering Mobile Journeys as a completely managed service, but it can be branded so that financial organisations are able to retain brand management consistency in line with their existing customer engagement channels.”

The applications for Mobile Journeys within the financial sector are numerous providing return on investment (ROI) opportunities. Cost savings are available from reduced overheads, when compared to the ever more ‘old fashioned’ traditional methods of customer engagement (telephone, e-mail and mail), and the alleviation of pressure on resource by the automation of expensive resource and cost hungry, complicated paperwork processes.

“The smartphone is the customer’s communications device of choice and to improve their customers’ experience by making it simple and convenient to make monthly loan repayments or to provide required information, financial organisations need to join the smartphone society,” said Love. “Those financial organisations who do not, must be prepared to see their customers swiftly move to those of their competitors who have.”

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