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Thursday, 15 October 2015
Fleet Mortgages, the buy-to-let and specialist lender, has today (13th October 2015) announced a series of criteria changes which offers increased flexibility for brokers and their clients.

Many of the changes are based on maximum LTV and lending exposure which Fleet Mortgages has revised upwards based on the quality of the borrowers it is attracting.

Fleet Mortgages has increased its maximum aggregate loan exposure for new customers which was previously capped at £750k and increased over time. Now, the exposure has been boosted on a tiered structure; new customers are able to have £750k of exposure at 75% LTV; £1 million at 70% LTV; and £2 million at 65% LTV.

The maximum property value has been increased from £2 million to £5 million – with a loan exposure of £2 million as detailed above. Also the minimum external acceptable size of a property has been reduced to 40 square metres, from its previous level of above 45 square metres.

Fleet Mortgages will be announcing further changes to its criteria over the forthcoming weeks.

The criteria changes follow on from the product range revamp which took place last month. Highlights of the new product range include:

· Sub-3%, two-year 65% LTV fixed-rate option at 2.89% with a £500 completion fee.

· Sub-3%, two-year 75% LTV fixed rate option at 2.99% with a 1% completion fee.

· Lifetime tracker at 3.99% for standard buy-to-let at 65% LTV with the rental calculation based on pay rate, with a 1% completion fee.

· Five-year fixed rate at 4.09% standard buy-to-let 65% LTV with the rental calculation based on pay rate, with a 1% completion fee.

· Two-year fixed rate limited company product at 4.39% up to 75% LTV with £750 completion fee.

· Five-year fixed rate limited company product at 4.79% up to 75% LTV with the rental calculation based on pay rate, with a 1.5% completion fee.

All 36 new products are available to view by visiting Fleet Mortgages’ website at:

Fleet Mortgages only deal with the intermediary market and although its products are tailored towards experienced landlords and property investors, it also offers a full range for standard buy-to-let borrowers. It covers mainstream buy-to-let residential mortgages as well as finance for those investing through limited company vehicles and houses in multiple occupation. Bob Young, Chief Executive Officer of Fleet Mortgages, commented: “There is a management philosophy from Japan called Kaizen which is the practice of continual improvement, and this is something that we at Fleet Mortgages are keen to put into practice. We continually look at our proposition, product range, criteria and service offering to see if we can continue to make those improvements that are requested and warranted. It’s from a process whereby we listen and learn from our partners and stakeholders that we can ensure regular fine-tuning takes place throughout the business. “This is why we’ve made the criteria changes announced today based primarily on the back of the top-quality borrowers we’ve attracted since launch. Increasing our maximum aggregate exposure for new customers up to £2 million is a clear example of this, as is the increase in the maximum property value to £5 million. We will be instigating a variety of further changes in the weeks ahead as we seek to respond to current business activity and look to develop our criteria in order to satisfy both brokers and their client base. We have been incredibly encouraged by the reaction to our new product range however we know that standing still in this market is not an option.”

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