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When being risk-averse works - Aperio Intelligence helps businesses mitigate financial crime risk PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 29 September 2015

It’s easy to think of financial crime as being a little like 'Ouroboros', the dragon who swallows his own tail. While you’re working to find solutions, the fraudsters are working to break them down. You find yourself stuck in an unbroken circle; it seems impossible to break free.

The threat of financial crime is irrefutable: the UN quotes estimates of up to $2tn of money laundered globally in any one year. Only a fraction of this is detected or stopped, despite record investment in anti-money laundering efforts by financial institutions, and record penalties for money laundering failures.

Financial crime and money laundering has become closely intertwined with the legitimate economy. Often, those perpetuating grand corruption take advantage of political protection, commercial protection (through favouritism), an absence of effective legal processes, or the lack of oversight from independent regulatory bodies, press or media.

At Aperio Intelligence we help organisations to disrupt that perpetual circuit and stay several steps ahead of those determined to commit financial crime. We use a multi-faceted approach. This involves the work of a highly-skilled team of corporate intelligence professionals and experts in the field of financial crime, but also boasts an industry-recognised proven track record of:

•    Obtaining and analysing detailed information on individuals and companies around the world, proactively identifying risks and reducing exposure to financial crime
•    Providing comprehensive and tailored training in AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and sanctions.
•    Delivering country and sector risk reporting
•    Servicing many global clients operating within the financial services industry
•    Ensuring that corporate customers are safeguarded against compliance concerns

Aperio Intelligence Chief Executive Officer, Adrian Ford, commented: “We are at the cutting edge of intelligence solutions, employing the latest technology and the most experienced manpower to deliver an unbeatable service.

“Our aim is to allow our clients to feel confident that that their assets are secure, and that their decisions are grounded on solid information, unbiased and free from corporate gloss. In a world where compliance is becoming an ever-increasing corporate need, it is essential that companies undertake due diligence concerning the integrity of individuals and companies with whom they wish to do business.”

(Source - Aperio Intelligence Press Release)  


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