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MNE Accounting returns to Its roots with flexible bookkeeping company ‘The Accounts Team’ PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 09 September 2015

Leading accounting firm MNE Accounting has announced a new addition to its business offering, in the form of The Accounts Team – a low-cost bookkeeping solution that goes back to the very foundations of MNE.

The new service, which costs a mere £9 per hour, is a straightforward bookkeeping provision for clients that don’t need the full MNE service. Clients send in their paperwork, The Accounts Team process it quickly and efficiently, with a report sent back to the client, making it easier than ever to keep on top of the books, file tax returns and conduct self-assessments.

Harley Lambriano of The Accounts Team, says: “This service really fills a gap in the market that we’’ve noticed over the last few years.

“Many clients of ours don’’t need the bells and whistles that come with our bigger packages, they simply need a basic bookkeeping service that helps them keep on top of their business finances. By offering this affordable and convenient service, we're freeing up precious time and resources for business owners to focus on what they’re good at, knowing their books are being properly looked after by a team of experts.”

Harley adds: “The new service is encoded into MNE’s very DNA - we offered a very similar service when we were first making a name for ourselves as a quality accounting service, and we feel the time is certainly right to return to those roots and offer this catch-all service that will be suitable for small business, freelancers and other individuals.”

“The service provided by The Accounts Team is very flexible: clients will still be able to tap into many of MNE Accounting’s services should they require them, whether it’s payroll, management accounts or credit control services. Many smaller organisations don’t need to employ these services all year round, but bookkeeping is a constant requirement – hence the introduction of The Accounts Team.

“For those considering outsourcing their bookkeeping, there are a multitude of benefits. More time can be dedicated to growing the business itself, and with a team of professional bookkeepers on your side, errors and problems are more likely to be flagged up early, to prevent more serious issues down the line. Outsourcing saves small organisations from hiring a new employee at great expense, and businesses can avoid costly DIY mistakes that can occur if the books are left to someone without the correct expertise.”

(Source - MNE Accounting Press Release)  


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