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UK fintech firm Alpha Insight rolls out into global banking sector PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 03 September 2015

Alpha Insight, a UK fintech company with a three-year track-record of exceptional delivery, is looking to shake up the global financial sector through its real-time process monitoring and measurement solutions.

Combining deep financial experience and technical monitoring skills, Alpha Insight successfully makes sense of millions of metrics, creating unrivalled end-to-end insight into financial organisations' business flows without the requirement for major investment in new IT.
The company has refined its unique business logic to establish, measure and analyse key metrics around transactions, payments and compliance. Its solutions draw on its 30-strong team's combined 300 years of experience in banking IT and their profound understanding of the sector's common business problems.
Using this unique business logic, Alpha Insight determines what is critical within a bank's processes, flagging up potential bottlenecks and impending failures before they develop into disasters.
Alpha Insight's solutions build on the power of the existing monitoring technology that is commonly deployed within the banking sector such as Geneos, IBM Netcool and Abilisoft, extracting greater value and reducing licensing and implementation costs.
"Although it is important to have the right monitoring tool, having the right business logic and knowing what to monitor is vital," said Shakir Ladak, CTO, Alpha Insight.
"At Alpha Insight we make sense of the spaghetti of IT systems that do not make it easy for banks to achieve effective monitoring of the many complex processes that are critical to effective and compliant operations."
Deploying solutions it has tried and tested in numerous projects across the UK banking sector, Alpha Insight provides new clients with complete process stability, higher levels of confidence and more advanced regulatory compliance.
The company's founders and executives have defined a unique set of solutions, a fixed methodology and a toolset that can be tailored and deployed to the benefit of clients in both retail and investment banking.
"Our solutions give banks complete transparency and enable them to fix problems before they have any impact. Clients can meet payment deadlines, improve customer retention and prove to regulators in any jurisdiction that they are achieving compliance," said Ladak.
To power its roll-out, Alpha Insight has appointed Ian Quine as its head of sales. With an impressive record of achievement with technology companies in the US and UK, Quine will drive Alpha Insight's expansion into the global financial sector.
"Ian has such a strong background in technology that I know he will make an immediate impact," added Ladak.
"Alpha Insight is a dynamic company which thrives on successful delivery in a very demanding market. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver exceptional results and are looking forward to injecting some powerful performance into financial process monitoring."

(Source - Alpha Insight Press Release)


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