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PayPoint Launches ‘No Compromise’ Payments Platform PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 04 August 2015

PayPoint, an international leader in payment technologies, today announces its 3rd generation ‘Advanced Payments’ platform for mobile and online merchants. Four years in the making, the entirely new digital platform has been designed from the ground-up to address the needs of fast growing businesses through robust, innovative and highly flexible features.

“For over a decade we have delivered rich, value-added products and features to our merchants. We feel a large number of our payments competitors have been incredibly complacent about product – it’s been alright to offer one-size-fits-all solutions and expect businesses to make compromises when addressing payments”, said Rob Fernandes, Product and Strategy Director.
“There is a lot of legacy and inflexibility amongst payment gateways. Advanced Payments marks the culmination of years of planning and addresses client feedback and our own innovation wish-list. In particular, we wanted to end the conflict businesses face when choosing between outsourcing payments to address security compliance, or maintaining control over their consumer experience.”
The platform includes two flagship products, Cashier and CardLock, which address the most common merchant issues. Cashier, a fully hosted solution, removes PCI DSS security responsibility.  It does so without limiting ability to tailor the consumer experience. Meanwhile CardLock enables API merchants, who build their own online experiences, to invisibly intercept card data and reduce PCI scope.
To fix these common issues PayPoint went back to what the merchant actually wants. Their hosted cashier for instance outsources PCI but lets merchants remotely orchestrate each payment in-flight: adding and removing payment fields, interacting with customer data, instructing PayPoint to sync information – or even redirect the customer to third party systems.
By replicating the use cases of more complex merchants, PayPoint created a hosted solution which actually addresses security and consumer experience at once and doesn’t limit the merchants’ creativity. It’s also mobile responsive, includes a white-label wallet and customer API, which means they’ve really turned up the dial on what is possible with an integrated payment solution.
The Advanced Payments platform also includes the CardLock PCI plugin, and a fully PCI outsourced iOS and Android Mobile SDK. PayPoint Mobile and Online is one of the few providers to attain PCI DSS compliance standard for over ten consecutive years. As a result, they have engineered all new products with PCI security at their core.
In addition to Cashier and CardLock, products supported on the brand new platform include PayCash, a simple API which can turn any online or mobile checkout into a cash transaction from one of PayPoint’s 28,000 UK retailers; EmailPay, a streamlined payments collection tool and FraudGuard, PayPoint’s established real-time risk management control panel.
Advanced Payments also includes PayPoint’s new Intelligent Reporting product group, another set of innovations built around the needs of fast growing businesses. Self-service reporting allows users in any business function to drag and drop to build their own reports inclusive of custom merchant data, whilst transaction monitors provide true real-time analysis by streaming data live to users’ desktops.
“This is what Advanced Payments is all about. Not just doing what every other merchant payment solution is doing, but thinking about what businesses actually need. Whether it’s the unmatched customisation possibilities of our hosted Cashier, our live consolidated analytics, or our Mobile SDK solving 3D Secure experience in mobile apps, we’ve delivered a platform packed with innovation.”
PayPoint Mobile and Online processes over £4.5bn in payments every year from over 100m transactions. Its’ first clients went live on Advanced Payments at the end of 2014, and the platform was publicly launched at an event in London last month, highlighting transformation to consumer experience and security that can maximise payment conversions and drive down business costs. 
Dan Salmons, Managing Director of PayPoint Mobile and Online commented: “The new Advanced Payments Platform and next generation product suite incorporates everything we’ve learnt from 15 years of processing payments online and on mobile. 
“Its modular design means we can tailor a solution to the merchant’s needs, based on products that are most applicable to them. We’ve made it so much easier to build payments around what a merchant actually wants. Businesses can explore our new technology immediately via developer documentation and explorer accounts on our company website.”

(Source - PayPoint News Release)


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