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Monday, 27 July 2015

A new paper from Siemens Financial Services (SFS) examines how innovative financing techniques are helping to drive growth in industry, healthcare and infrastructure by enabling investment in the digitalisation of processes and technologies. Digitalisation enables the output of real-time performance data from processes and systems. The analysis of such smart data can then be used to improve productivity and efficiency, leading to higher cost savings and an increased competitive advantage.

The paper notes that an increasing range of tailored financing methods is available on the market to support equipment, technology and software acquisitions and technology upgrades. These include Total cost of ownership (TCO) financing, performance-based financing, energy efficient technology financing, multiple jurisdiction financing and solutions to enable ongoing investment with built-in points of refreshment. Such financing solutions are increasingly obtained from specialist financiers who command technological expertise and profound knowledge of specific industries. Solutions can therefore be customised to support very specific technology applications and customer requirements.
Financing is becoming an increasingly important investment-enabler as organisations seek to harness technological innovations to enhance effectiveness. In the infrastructure arena, smart building technologies allow reduction of energy costs and energy consumption by efficiently linking, controlling and monitoring a variety of different functions and building disciplines. Integrated mobility solutions facilitate greater traffic flow and optimise the performance of transportation networks. Smart grid technologies help meet increasing energy demands without using additional generating capacity by balancing supply and demand more efficiently. In addition, digital innovations are also employed for integrated security management in key infrastructures, such as industrial complexes, harbor facilities and airports, by making them easier to monitor and control. Against a background of accelerating technological advances, the availability of flexible and appropriate funding is a vital component in helping both public and private organisations fully embrace digitalisation.
“We are seeing a rising demand for intelligent financing techniques from public and private organisations,” commented Chris Wilkinson, Head of Sales for Healthcare and Public Sector for SFS in the UK. “Increasing technology sophistication has driven a need for tailored financing methods that can address specific requirements such as financing non-productive setup periods or future upgrade options.”
The report also highlights the new mindset of finance managers in funding the investment of new technologies. These professionals are focusing on a set of desired outcomes, including improved performance and productivity, cost savings and/or return-on-investment, before appraising the best financing method with which to achieve their business goals.

(Source - SFS Press Release)


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