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Tuesday, 07 July 2015

Commenting on the findings of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) year-long investigation into the energy market, Andy Willox, the Federation of Small Businesses’ (FSB) Scottish Policy Convenor, said:

“The CMA was right to launch such an in-depth review of the energy industry and their findings vindicate FSB campaigning on this issue.
“Consumers, including Scotland’s 330,000 small firms, are not being well served by energy providers. There is a lack of transparency and competition in the market, and that needs to change. Energy costs are a particular burden on Scotland’s small tourism businesses and we need to see action in this area to see these firms treated fairly.
“The CMA report says small businesses are being deterred, impeded and discouraged from gaining better deals within the energy market. This is leading to disengagement, which in turn reduces competitive pressures in the market, giving power to energy companies to charge what they like.
“The CMA study reveals a range of issues for small firms, most worryingly highlighting eight per cent margins on micro business energy bills, compared to three per cent on domestic charges. Now that these problems have been officially recognised, we want to see the CMA pushing to the next stage quickly and developing practical solutions.”
The FSB particularly welcomes the findings below:
Need for tariff comparison
CMA has recognised the need to make it easier for small businesses to directly compare quotes from different energy companies. Our research suggests four in five SMEs agree that published tariffs would benefit their business. Small businesses find it almost impossible to compare contracts and understand whether or not they represent the best available offer. The energy market will not function adequately until small businesses are empowered to understand and compare different offers, and trust that the switching process is a worthwhile investment of their time and resources. Smart meters are one way to address this issue, and FSB supports the CMA’s findings that a continued and speedier roll out will increase the understanding and engagement of those currently losing money on default payment rates.
Improvement of third party intermediaries
CMA has acknowledged that while the third party intermediary (TPI) industry has the potential to benefit business, the current unregulated system means that many small businesses simply do not trust the industry. We hope the industry will become regulated; this would ensure transparency and encourage confidence in TPIs who have a vital role to play in helping small businesses negotiate the best deals from their energy supplier.
Greater segmentation of micro business market
CMA has noted that the eight per cent margins from micro business energy bills (compared to three per cent domestic) cannot be accounted for or justified by their additional risk. Energy suppliers need to gain a greater understanding of their diverse micro business customers when assessing risk and pricing. Safe, stable businesses should not pay a premium for risky customers elsewhere in the market. Many micro businesses share the same challenges as domestic customers in the energy market. Most use similar volumes of energy and they should therefore be treated in a similar way.

(Source - FSB Press Release)


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