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JBW sign UK exclusive license to re-sell the ClickDebt product to UK Government customers PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 29 June 2015
ClickDebt is a secure cloud based debt and enforcement solution that is used by debt and enforcement businesses such as G4S.  The technology includes case management capabilities, field force management through handheld devices and extensive MI capabilities. The solution can be licensed on a monthly rolling contract, hosted securely off site in the cloud or on site at client locations. The solution is fully UK developed and supported.

JBW will be offering a subsidised license agreement for the ClickDebt product to those Government organisations that outsource part of their enforcement process to the firm. In some cases this will enable them to provide government clients with the software free of charge as part of a wider partnership.

Jamie Waller, JBW’s CEO commented: “JBW has been the owner and developer of software since 2011 through our product AR-12.  AR-12 was built to handle large scale complex case management and enforcement tasks with sophisticated data analytics at its core.  ClickDebt is a cloud based product that has a variety of the same capabilities but is more suited to smaller debt and enforcement operations of up to 100 users. The team at ClickDebt are innovative and have a robust UK development and support network which is ideal for supporting UK Government. JBW now has two products to offer Government organisations looking to deliver their collections in-house: AR-12 for operations of over 100 users and ClickDebt for those below. Where JBW is appointed as the enforcement support company to these organisations, the software will be subsidised to offer best value in these times of austerity".

Jan Heuff, ClickDebt’s CEO commented: "ClickDebt is used by 2500 users globally and was designed to support a number of debt collection and enforcement operations that operate within the Taking Control of Goods Regulations. JBW’s expertise in delivering services to UK Government will enable us to support those organisations that do not outsource their collection operations by offering a secure and reliable IT solution through a competitive cost programme of part/full subsidisation”.

(Source - JBW Press Release)  


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