I&E online research

Readers’ view are being sought on the value and convenience of income-and-expenditure assessments (I&E) as part of a major research project being run with Qualco.

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I&Es are extensively used within the industry as a way of assessing the financial situation of a customer, but there are major questions around how and when to carry them out in full.

Stephen Kiely, editor of CCRMagazine, said: “I&Es are certainly an important tool, but there seems to be little common thinking over when it is important to do a full assessment, and how the information should be recorded.

“And now there are several interesting initiatives being considered that might allow for some form of sharing of the information, which could potentially have the significant benefit that the customer would not subsequently need to go through the same conversations repeatedly.

“So it is an interesting topic and I hope that readers will want to give us their views through the online survey and round-table debate later in the year.”