How to beat the blues this Blue Monday

Blue Monday is widely regarded as the most depressing day of the year; as the dire weather, limited finances and the guilt from uncompleted New Year’s resolutions becomes overwhelming.

Last year, CABA launched its ‘Drop the Pressure’ campaign, which aimed to open the conversation around stress at work, and the importance of letting off steam before we reach boiling point. During the campaign, research commissioned by CABA found that:

  • 22% of men lose more than 10 hours of sleep each week thinking about work, compared to 10% of women
  • Men are most likely to experience stress at work on a Monday (36%)
  • Men are more likely to feel stressed when taking holiday from work, (54.13%) compared to women (45%)

Kelly Feehan, Services Director at CABA explains: “After the Christmas festivities and merriment of December, January is usually associated with cold, bleak weather, a tightening of finances after the festive overspend, and healthy living after a period of overindulgence. It can sometimes feel like a long and difficult month to get through, with these pressures said to peak on Blue Monday; leading to feelings of depression, sadness and general low motivation or productivity – particularly in the workplace.

“We know from our research that four in 10 British employees are close to breaking point, meaning that now more than ever, we as a nation need to begin working to look at the causes of stress and to improve our lines of communication and coping mechanisms. Therefore, it’s important to see positive initiatives such as days like Blue Monday, which have enabled people to speak more openly about how they’re feeling.”