How Do Today’s Companies Achieve Customer Satisfaction

In today’s customer-centric marketplace, customer satisfaction has become the driving force to success. Satisfied customers eventually become loyal, repeat customers and valuable assets for any business looking to grow traffic and thrive in tomorrow’s business landscape.

Just look around; you’ll realize every top brand has an incredible customer service process in place. Since each customer is unique; companies must work smart to satisfy them all. As a commonly cited statistic in the sales and marketing space, 91-percent of dissatisfied customers remain silent about their discontent (of course to the company). They simply go elsewhere – and on to their social circles and social media to share their grievances albeit in public.

With this in mind, forward looking companies in the global business environment need to invest more in customer satisfaction.

Here’s the thing… It costs way too little to satisfy a current customer than to attract a new one through digital marketing strategies. Most companies now appreciate the long-term value of customer satisfaction and as such seek to multiply their revenue by managing their customer assets more effectively.

Excellent Customer Service

If customer satisfaction is your #1 goal, then good customer service is sure to get you there. Besides using product offerings to attract and retain customers, companies can rely on customer service to help establish a great reputation to give them an edge in their niche.

Generally, companies are expected to deliver great customer service at all times. In return, customers provide approval of the company’s brand in terms of customer satisfaction and loyalty. And by the way, excellent customer service also entails how you handle customer disputes, respond to and resolve issues. Obviously, these are basic principles that any agile company will excel in.

Just like us, every business owner out there likes to believe they are providing exceptional customer service. After all, isn’t it satisfying to know that customers find your product appealing, your service exceptional, and the price affordable? Well, I say you are wrong! Customer satisfaction has more to do with pleasing the subjective emotions of your customers in the sense that; was your customer happy with the item purchased or service delivered, or did they leave the store excited?

A critical part in ensuring customer satisfaction is to fully meet their demands. This has encouraged companies to design clear-cut standards to help respond effectively to the unique needs and expectations of their customers. This is by no means a walk in the park. However, today’s marketers can increase their customers’ satisfaction by utilizing the right tools and techniques to enable them gain the necessary acumens to create best practices to lay emphasis on customer service and satisfaction.

So, how can a company drive increased customer satisfaction among its informed customer base?
Here are 3 sure ways to achieve this:

#1. Always Listen

Listening is one of the most effective techniques to greatly enhance customer satisfaction and boost a company’s profitability. To prove to its customers that it’s listening, a business can do the following and make it count:

Interact with your customers everyday. This is a must in the 21st century. Communicating with your customers openly and effectively gives them the confidence to trust your brand. Find out more about their needs. Be attentive to their words or tone and carefully watch their body language. Communicate clearly and concisely. Take notes or repeat back what s/he has said. Don’t be quick to respond before understanding or asking clarification for questions asked. If you can’t give a prompt response, be sure to give the customer a timeline within which to respond. Always be honest about what you can or can’t offer. Make follow up, provide confirmation of resolutions and ensure customer satisfaction.

Facilitate feedback. In case there’s no face-to-face interaction, stay in touch to show your customer that you are still listening and available. For instance, after a sale, you can follow up to confirm to your customer that you are eager to hear their experience after the purchase. Use post-sale or in-store surveys to find out how they feel about your product or service. Be active on social media too. Solicited feedback should help you find new ways to keep your business relevant and create new profitable opportunities.

Today’s digital era has seen many companies in various industries – from Finance to Dentistry – turn to decentralized platforms to build strong relations with their clients and gain qualified feedback/ market research data to make their solutions worthwhile to their target customers. One disrupting solution is Dentacoin Trusted Reviews, a groundbreaking blockchain-based feedback solution that provides an amazing user experience for the dental industry. Using a Decentralized Trusted Review Platform, patients are able to give honest and detailed opinion about the dental services provided and in return – receive a reward in the Dentacoin cryptocurrency which could be used as a means of payment at dental clinics globally.

#2. The Customer Is the Boss

To deliver 100% customer satisfaction, a business must understand what their customers want, consistently provide it to them and ask them what they think about the product or service. Learn to treat your customers as you would like to be treated. Always show them the sunny side of you and your brand.

You can also cultivate this attitude among your employees. You may ask, but how? Well, simply observe and couch them in various areas including;

How to greet your customers

How to value your customers

How to help your customers

Handling disgruntled customers

Dissatisfied customers will share their experience to 10 people while highly satisfied customers become positive word-of-mouth proponents. Nearly 7 in 10 customers with complaints will come back to you if their complaint is handled amicably on the spot. This explains why companies should train their employees to always respond positively to complaints.

#3. Prompt Service

We live in a world where things happen in an instant and rarely do people have time. Your customer expects a quick service without having to make a second call. Focus on high quality customer service and ensure tasks are completed in a timely and efficient manner. Set standards that will guarantee this and ensure all your staff understand and promote them to your customers.

In Conclusion

Customer satisfaction is certainly the most surefire way for businesses to increase revenue, enhance customer retention, convert existing customers into real advocates and ultimately boost Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).