How can the industry change for the future?

The prospects of how important new technological advances can improve the future of the industry is a crucial industry looking forward, and it will be the subject of a major new study.

CCRMagazine and Data Interconnect will work together to review such questions as: what is important when considering change? What are the key barriers to change? What does the industry need from its new solutions?

What challenges are being faced by business? And how is the industry able to build successful business cases that will convince senior leadership?

Stephen Kiely, editor of CCRMagazine, said: “It has become something of a trope in the credit, collections, and enforcement industry that technology is an essential part of the future, but our aspect of the economy can sometimes struggle to access all the options that is needs.

“So issues such as best practice advice on how to build a business case is very important, and we need to get a feeling for what it is that the industry needs. So I do hope that our readers will want to take part in this important research project.”

  • To fill out the short survey, please go to this link. It should not take any more time than that and, as always, all responses will only be reported as aggregate figures.