he EPA Strengthens 2020 Advisory Board with International, Entrepreneurial and Diverse Talent

The Emerging Payment Awards (EPA), a celebration of collaboration and innovation within new and existing finance companies, has today appointed three of Fintech’s top minds to its Advisory Board. Jeremy Nicholds, CEO at Judopay, Anna Tsyupko, CEO at Paybase, and Muhammad Asim, CEO at Arro Money join the current EPA Advisory Board from January 2020, as voted by EPA members and with a three-year term.

All three candidates bring a unique perspective to the Board. Jeremy will focus on helping the industry become even more inclusive by involving a wider range of companies, enabling more people in society to benefit from the EPA’s products, delivered by people from different backgrounds, orientations, races and genders.

As a young founder of a tech business, Anna will bring a fresh enthusiasm for diversity in Fintech, for enabling the effective adoption of new regulations such as MLD5 in a smooth, customer-friendly manner. She will also help to facilitate both interoperability and partnerships within the blockchain and crypto space.

Being based in Manchester, Muhammad will help broaden EPA’s range to include fintech hubs outside London, and to create a bridge with regions outside the UK and EU where interest in emerging payments is exploding.

Speaking on the appointments, Director General of the Emerging Payments Association, Tony Craddock, added: ‘The competition for Advisory Board places gets tougher every year. The community has selected Jeremy, Asim and Anna because they have each proven that they are not only successful businesspeople, but also committed to driving change using our powerful community at the EPA’.

The full and current list of Advisory Board Members includes:

  1. Andrea Dunlop, Chair of EPA Advisory Board
  2. Myles Stephenson, Joint Deputy Chair of Advisory Board and CEO, Modulr
  3. John Davies, Joint Deputy Chair of Advisory Board and CEO, Kompli Global
  4. Huw Davies, Founder, Frontline
  5. Monica Eaton, CEO, Chargebacks911
  6. Neil Harris, CCO, GPS
  7. Alan King, President, Fleetcor
  8. Marion King, Director of Payments, RBS
  9. Anne Pieckielon, CEO, The Inclusion Foundation
  10. Julian Sawyer, Advisor
  11. Tessa Unsworth, CCO, PPS
  12. Angela Yore, CEO, SkyParlour
  13. Scott Abrahams, Group Head Acceptance and Emerging Payments, Mastercard