Graydon and Neotas announce partnership to fight commercial fraud and reduce trade credit risk

Graydon, Europe’s leading provider of business data, insights, analytics and solutions and Neotas, a leading provider of online due diligence, announced today that they will be working together to deliver enhanced investigative capabilities to clients in a streamlined and cost-effective manner.

By combining industry-leading business intelligence and fraud insight via the Graydon platform with the advanced technology and team of analysts at Neotas, clients will benefit from deeper insight, better risk management and tools to reduce the ever-evolving cost of fraud and trade credit risk. The indexed web, which is content discoverable by search engines, contains more than 6 billion pages, but this represents just 6% of all data. The synergy brought by the partnership between the two organisations, mean that enhanced investigations that previously took days, are now typically 15-times faster, with no false positives and at a cost-effective rate.

The partnership comes at a critical time. The Covid 19 crisis is creating unique trading circumstances within which insolvent and potentially fraudulent businesses can flourish. Normal trade credit risk and the risk of being defrauded are increasing dangers. Even before the crisis estimates placed annual commercial fraud losses at around £106bn. Graydon’s own data, collected from trade credit members, shows that fraud is at an all-time high since the 2008 financial crisis.

Adding deep open source intelligence capabilities to the Graydon Insights platform will give clients access to an enormous wealth of additional data that is key to unlocking issues such as false identities, temporary websites, shell companies, international corporate structures and fraud indicators that can be missed in a more traditional approach. Graydon’s expertise in detecting and combatting financial crime was recently recognised at the inaugural Tackling Economic Crime Awards, where the company won the Outstanding Fraud Consultants category.

Simon Blackwell, Managing Director, Graydon UK: “At Graydon we continue to innovate in how we support our customers and are constantly looking for ways to help reduce the cost of fraud and provide better ways of managing the credit risk inherent in large transactions, especially in these unprecedented and uncertain times. By working with Neotas we have added a whole new layer to our comprehensive platform that will allow our clients to look deeper and wider when it really matters in high value or high-risk cases. By adding a global, multilingual content set we know that we help deliver even better insight to our loyal client base.”

Vipul Mishra, CEO, Neotas: “By partnering with Graydon we are very excited to be working with an established firm that recognises how utilising all available data in a more efficient and cost-effective manner is key to fighting financial crime. Our unique approach to open source intelligence, by using machine learning, natural language processing and skilled analysts means that we can take advantage of the world’s largest data set – the surface, deep and dark web – across all languages at speed. In turn this enables us to deliver fast, cost effective insight that has simply not been possible in the past. Through our partnership we can reach new clients that are constantly under pressure to stay ahead of the fraudsters that cost every business and each of us billions every year.”