Global FinTech company Ferratum enters the FIA WorldRX with its own racing team led by Jani Paasonen from Finland

A global FinTech company Ferratum continues its successful cooperation as the title sponsor of the FIA WorldRX, started in 2019, this time bringing in its own Ferratum Team, led by the Finnish driver Jani Paasonen. The goal of the team for the 2020 season is ambitious – to get into all finals in this year’s races. In the future, the team aims to attend the races with a sustainable electric car and bringing other future innovations to RX.

“I feel that WorldRX racing is a great match with important values that are part of Ferratum’s DNA – innovation in technology, commitment to a sustainable future and speed, be it on the racing track or when delivering digital financial solutions to our customers in more than 20 global markets,” explained Ferratum’s CEO and founder Jorma Jokela.

Ferratum Team aims at bringing future innovations to RX and attending the races with an electric car in the longer run, perhaps as soon as in 2022 already. “It reflects much of Ferratum’s current FinTech transformation into a fully digital modern bank, providing our customers with financial advice and a variety of tailored financial solutions in real time, completely digitally. Commitment to a sustainable future is part of our Nordic FinTech roots, so we are very proud to drive that innovation with Jani Paasonen also in the WorldRX field,” told Evelin Ojamets, Head of Brand & Creative Production for Ferratum globally and manager of the WorldRX sponsorship project in the company.

At the moment, the team car still has a traditional engine – but with some specialties, of course.

“My friend, who has worked with turbos for 25 years, has built the engine for our Ferratum WorldRX racing car. Dozens of cars are utilizing the engines of the same global manufacturers, so I believe our Finnish-made engine is truly unique and will stand out,” says Ferratum Team’s racing driver Jani Paasonen.

During the last weekend of August, Paasonen will be on his home ground, since he has tested the car on the Kouvola racing track. “I find the track to be very interesting – it has height differences, both fast and slow curves, and it’s also challenging. I’m looking forward to the race,” Paasonen describes.

Ferratum Team’s first race is already in Höljes, Sweden on August 22nd and 23rd. After that, the team arrives in Kouvola, Finland. The races on August 29th and 30th can be seen live on the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle) channels. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the race is not open to the audience and the event has extra safety measures, but Ferratum and the organizers will do everything possible to make it available as a digital experience at the safety of everyone’s home. In 2014, when the FIA WorldRX was held in Kouvola for the last time, there were over 10,000 people in the audience.