GHL Direct sign-up for Credit Assess

FinTech company, Click2Check, has today announced GHL Direct as the latest advisory firm to sign-up for its Credit Assess product – the white-label online solution for mortgage advisers to obtain credit scores, reports and Open Banking data in order to help pre-qualify clients.

National advisers, GHL Direct – a trading style of GHL Network Services Ltd and an AR of Openwork – is the latest advisory practice to have signed up to take Credit Assess allowing all its advisers to access, with the consumer’s consent, their online credit scores and digital reports, while using Open Banking technology to deliver bank statements in minutes.

GHL Direct said that, in its trial of Credit Assess, it had saved a considerable amount of time and money by using the product and had seen significant benefits in reviewing any credit and finance issues upfront, ultimately allowing it to move the case to completion far quicker than if its advisers had been required to secure all the necessary documents manually.

Credit Assess provides the adviser with full access to up-to-date credit scores and reports, providing the consumer’s credit report and banking information securely within minutes.

It also comes with an API function allowing firms to feed the credit report and bank information into their third-party proprietary software such as point-of-sale and CRM systems.

Michael Taylor, Director of Sales at Click2Check, commented: “When launching Credit Assess we always felt it would be a game-changer for advisory firms because of the control it gives them and the benefits of having a client’s full financial details and credit status in an instant. That’s certainly the feedback we’ve been getting from GHL Direct and we’re very pleased to announce them as the latest practice to sign up to the product. In a very changeable environment, having full transparency of a client’s financial situation at the start of the process, should ensure the adviser doesn’t need to go down any blind alleys. We’re looking forward to working with Nigel and the full GHL Direct team to ensure they get the most out of Credit Assess both now and in the future.”

Nigel Gardner, Director at GHL Network Services Ltd said: “As soon as our GHL Direct advisers began trialing Credit Assess we were able to see an immediate difference in terms of how quickly they can progress cases having the full, up-to-date picture of a client’s credit report and their banking information. As a business we’ve always been fully supportive of new technology that allows us to improve the quality, speed and accuracy of the advice process, and Credit Assess certainly fits into this space. Talking to our advisers who have already used the product, we’ve been made aware of the time that it can save and how much easier it makes their job, particularly when it comes to product sourcing. For all those reasons, and more, signing up to Credit Assess was an easy decision to make and we’re confident all our advisers, and their clients, will benefit from being able to use it.”