FSB welcomes inclusive grants changes

The Scottish Government’s Cabinet Secretary for the Economy Fiona Hyslop this afternoon confirmed that businesses which occupy shared premises, such as those start-up hubs and indoor markets, would now be eligible for coronavirus support grants. Further, in a debate in the Scottish Parliament, the Minister announced a new discrete fund for Bed and Breakfasts excluded from other help.

Andrew McRae, FSB’s Scotland policy chair, said: “Today’s changes should see another important group of Scottish businesses left out in the cold brought back into the fold. While this shouldn’t be the end of the story, and Ministers should keep the help on offer under constant review, the Scottish Government should be given credit for these inclusive changes.

“We’re now making the case for Ministers to investigate how to ensure that businesses that survived the lockdown, don’t get closed down during the recovery. Specifically we want to see targeted financial support for businesses that have to pull down the shutters again because of virus fears, and for firms that have to make substantial changes to their premises and processes.”