FSB: Second wave covid business support required

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon this afternoon outlined new measures designed to combat the coronavirus pandemic, including restrictions upon hospitality businesses’ opening hours. The FM also reiterated that people should work from home wherever possible.

Andrew McRae, the Federation of Small Businesses’ (FSB) Scotland policy chair, said: “Scottish business owners that listened to our political leaders’ statements today will be relieved that we’re not being forced into another full lockdown, but frustrated that the sacrifices made so far have been insufficient to control the virus.

“To avoid these restrictions becoming the final straw for many independent firms, we’ll need to see new financial support for those businesses hardest hit. Disappointingly, what we didn’t hear at Holyrood or Westminster were details of new help for firms forced to reduce hours or shut up shop. We also can’t forget about those businesses that haven’t been able to re-open due to ongoing restrictions.

“Many smaller businesses are close to exhausting their cash reserves, while others have taken on debt to adapt their operations to try and keep trading. Decision-makers looking for another push from local firms need to provide reassurance that they’ve both got a plan and got their back.”