FSB Scotland on Lockdown Roadmap

Scotland’s full stay-at-home lockdown will continue until at least 5 April, the First Minister has announced. Responding to the statement, Andrew McRae, the Federation of Small Businesses’ (FSB) Scotland policy chair said: “This roadmap is an important moment in the country’s battle against Coronavirus, and as such, a critical one to get right. In an ideal world, we’d have had a firmer timetable, but we at least have some indicative, earliest dates being set out.

“But the gaps between these dates – at three weeks – are lengthy. We now need the detail about what economic activity can resume under the different levels, so that businesses can begin to plan.

“While there is some good news, not least the movement on schools and the progress of the vaccine rollout, another six weeks of a mainland stay-at-home lockdown won’t ease the mounting problems facing businesses across the country. Over half of local firms are worried about their business surviving the next few months and over a third fear for their mental health.

“As winter turns to spring and more people are vaccinated, the Scottish Government must continually review whether this timetable can be accelerated, travel restrictions can be lifted and restrictions on local economies can be eased.”