FSB: Economy manifesto must stay on track

Today the Scottish Government has published an Economic Action Plan – outlining a range of measures Ministers are taking to boost growth.

Stuart Mackinnon, FSB’s external affairs manager for Scotland, said: “There’s much to be applauded in this manifesto for Scotland’s economy – such as a Ministerial commitment to bring order to our jumbled business-facing public sector. But this statement of intent must be matched with diligent execution, and a focus on making a tangible difference to Scotland’s business environment.

“For example, efforts to use public procurement to boost local economies can only be regarded as a success when we reverse the decline in smaller firms winning public work directly. Similarly, action to boost infrastructure and carefully moderate the regulatory burden must result in local businesses finding it easier to do business.

“This marks a significant effort by the Scottish Government to bring a coherent, long-term approach to their economic interventions. As we approach the Scottish Government Budget, they can’t abandon this approach for short-term expedience.”