FSB: Bill will improve the business rates system

Today the Scottish Parliament voted to pass the Non-Domestic Rates (Scotland) Bill. This will see a switch to a three yearly revaluation cycle and an improved business rates system.

Andrew McRae, FSB’s Scottish Policy Chair, said: “In 2016, the First Minister announced the Barclay review of business rates at FSB’s conference in Glasgow. Almost four years later, many of Barclay’s recommendations are on the statute book – and the business rates system is in better shape as a result.”

On the introduction of more frequent revaluations Andrew McRae said: “For over a decade, small businesses have been campaigning for a rates system that facilitates business growth. Moving to a three yearly revaluation cycle will help to achieve this aspiration with businesses’ bills potentially better reflecting economic conditions.

“However, FSB would urge Ministers and MSPs to keep a close eye on the Assessors – especially in the lead up to the next revaluation.”

On changes to the appeals system: “At the moment, the appeals system is hamstrung by the high volume of speculative appeals – including those submitted by the public sector. The Bill should see the system become more effective, however this must not be achieved by the introduction of a fee structure that prices out local businesses.”