French-Austrian Collaboration on Fighting Cryptocurrency-Enabled and Financial Crime

The FrenchBlockchain security company NIGMA Conseil and the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology — the largest and government-owned research and technology organization in Austria — have signed an agreement to strengthen their collaboration in the fight against cryptocurrency and financial crime. NIGMA and AIT have been working together for several months to enhance the e-NIGMA platform’s blockchain analytics and anti-money-laundering (AML) capacities, building on AIT’s open source cryptocurrency forensics platform GraphSense.

e-NIGMA is an exhaustive blockchain forensics tool for know your customer (KYC)/AML compliance, transaction monitoring and due diligence investigations serving businesses exposed to digital assets as well as banks and government agencies.

Fabien Tabarly, CEO of NIGMA Conseil: “The synergy between a leading European academic research institute and our team of developers has been instrumental in implementing the most innovative tools to fight financial crime in virtual currencies.”