Expert opinion: Police officer fraud allocation

According to figures disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act, less than 1% of police officers are allocated for fraud cases despite fraud accounting for over a third of all crimes.

In response to this, Andy Davies, Senior Consultant, Police & Intelligence Services at SAS UK & Ireland, said: “Political uncertainty and squeezed budgets have meant that police resources are increasingly stretched and find it difficult to combat rapidly developing crimes, such as fraud. Fraud accounts for over a third of all crimes, and this shows no signs of slowing down – clearly something needs to change if we stand a chance of cracking down on the tech savvy fraudsters.

“Artificial Intelligence presents a significant opportunity to assist police officers in combatting this type of criminal activity. Working alongside officers, this technology can sift through large volumes of data with a speed and precision previously unimaginable, providing officers with insights to spot the indicators of fraud.

“We’ve already seen instances of analytics used to predict areas of higher risk for specific types of crime and they could see significant benefits by expanding the usage of analytics and AI use across policing. In doing so, the Government can ease the pressure on an already over-stretched force and help keep the public safe.”