Equiniti Data announces launch of EQ Amplify which provides fully-compliant access to their entire UK consumer database

Equiniti (EQ) Data, marketing solutions provider and the data division of Equiniti Plc. is proud to announce the launch of EQ Amplify- a new way for marketers to access a centralised UK consumer database, including a flagship classification model.

The use of consumer data in business is changing, and at pace. At the same time, consumer expectations are higher than ever. For most marketers, who are competing with corporate giants like Amazon and Google, the question is how to intelligently and compliantly access this data to deliver a more personalised customer experience. EQ Data’s solution, EQ Amplify, is designed to address the many concerns of marketers and their access to consumer data over recent months. With EQ Amplify, organisations can bridge the gap between great customer experiences and access to compliant data.

EQ Data’s consumer database is currently the largest in the UK, representing over 99% of the consumers in the UK, with 65 million UK adults, from over 28 million households. It is drawn from a multitude of open and propriety data sources.

EQ Amplify is a data product which plugs in directly to that database to deliver statistical insights direct to marketers. The product offers deep and dynamic segmentation, using machine learning, which allows the segmentation to accurately profile within the context of the entire UK, and remain objective to the output.

Unlike other geodemographic products, EQ Amplify is currently the only solution publicised as being fully GDPR-compliant and abiding by a Privacy-by-design policy. All consumers remain anonymous. The product statistically profiles segments of UK consumers, including demographic, socio-economic, psychographic and behavioural characteristics, and offers them via an interface, or in the form of a complete Data-index.

EQ Amplify gives marketers the potential to create a more holistic, three-dimensional view of their customers – with the added capability to further pinpoint target customer groups in corresponding segments from across the country.

Jamie Steele, Head of Data at EQ Data said, “This is a landmark event for marketers, who can now access the entire UK database, in a product designed for a fast-paced and rapidly-changing environment. EQ Amplify represents a major step forward for businesses to build more fulfilling transactional relationships with their customers.”

Stuart Robb, CEO of EQ Data and Chief Data Officer of Equiniti Plc concluded, “It is our belief that UK business should be driven by better relationships and it is rich data that can build better and more personalised relationships. With EQ Amplify we open up a powerful dataset to marketers – and, importantly, in a format in which they can rest assured that it meets all legal and regulatory requirements.

EQ Data seek to be at the forefront of data-driven business in the UK. With this in mind, we are delighted to launch EQ Amplify which helps positions the business front-and-centre in that market.“