Eligible launches broker client retention calculator

Eligible, a technology firm automating customer retention for the mortgage industry, have launched a broker client retention calculator to help brokers assess how much potential revenue is being lost by not retaining existing mortgage customers.

The tool has been built especially for brokers and all brokers need to do is drag the three bars across so that they match your current retention stats and it will then automatically show you how much revenue is being lost in remortgage deals. The calculator can be found at www.eligible.ai.

Eligible helps the mortgage industry engage with their clients in more relevant ways. Eligible combines digital journeys and behavioural analytics to nurture and retain client relationships.

Rameez Zafar, CEO and co-founder at Eligible, commented: “We’ve developed our broker-client retention calculator to help advisers see how important it is to focus on client retention. The calculator helps brokers identify any problems or room for improvement in their current retention efforts and solidifies client retention as a key priority and contributor to company growth.

“It gives an insight into how much money you’re really leaving on the table, so you can prioritize your retention strategy. It also shows you how much Retain, our dedicated mortgage retention solution, could save you if you invest in retention.

“We believe that retention should be on the top of brokers’ priority lists for 2020, not an after-thought.”