eKeeper AML and credit reports prove a hit with brokers

More than 250 advisers have signed up for anti-money-laundering (AML) and credit reports through the eKeeper CRM in the three months since the feature was launched.

The feature enables brokers to access Experian AML and credit reports, directly from the eKeeper CRM. It supplies brokers with information to quickly identify potential issues that may not be disclosed during the fact-finding process.

All UK intermediaries have access to this functionality, either as an eKeeper customer or through the free eKeeper Lite CRM, a lightweight version of the flagship product, after a simple registration process. eKeeper Lite can be run alongside other back-office systems, where the PDF reports can be imported with minimal data required at the outset.

eKeeper customer and advocate of the service, Richard Gill, managing director of Cheetham Jackson Mortgages, commented: “The integration into Experian is an absolute time- and money-saver for us. Having access to reliable information at the beginning of our advice process means we can provide a more efficient and reliable customer outcome.

“Already, we’ve been able to identify additional credit commitments and adverse credit in specific cases, making our product placement a much more confident activity.”

Gill continued: “There is no longer that frustration of submitting a case to a provider only for something to be unearthed when submitted. Having to go back to the customer to explain the situation, reprocessing and submitting a case to a new provider, is costly for any broker.

Having our own way of getting that information up-front is just common sense, and a win for our business and for the customer.”

David Bennett, commercial director at eKeeper, added: “The broker feedback has been phenomenal as technology continues to add value into the advice process. Richard’s success is echoed by every company that uses the service and demonstrates the flexibility our CRM integrations can offer.

“Businesses not only want to structure their back-office processes, but are also understandably looking for ways to operate more efficiently.”