Dudley Building Society joins MCI Mortgage Club

The latest lender to join MCI Mortgage Club’s panel is Dudley Building Society, which is known for its manual approach to underwriting.

Dudley offers a wide range of mortgage products on loans up to £1m at 85% loan-to-value and there is no minimum income requirement.

The society will consider interest-only mortgages up to 75% LTV with the sale of the borrower’s main residence accepted as an exit strategy. The is also a part and part interest-only and repayment option up to 85% LTV.

Products are available for Right to Buy and shared ownership as well as joint mortgage, sole proprietor. Residential mortgages are also on hand for ex-pats and foreign currency is accepted.

Up to four borrowers can apply for one mortgage using all four incomes and for the self-employed only one year’s worth of accounts is needed.

On the buy-to-let side both regulated and non-regulated loans are available as well as holiday lets.

Dudley also specialises in self-build and custom build and will consider non-standard construction.

Melanie Spencer, Group Business Development and Head of MCI Mortgage Club, commented: “Dudley Building Society is a great addition to our lender panel as it is versatile with its mortgage products and criteria. Dudley uses manual underwriting and lending decisions are not made on credit scores therefore it can be very flexible with borrowers.”

Samuel Lea, Business Development Manager at Dudley Building Society, said: “MCI Club provides its advisers with a strong proposition, particularly with their investment in technology which helps streamline the customer journey and makes processing more efficient.

“We are therefore delighted to be joining MCI to bring our particular brand of engagement, highlighted by our extensive product offering, human underwriting based on each individual’s circumstances and ongoing customer support.”