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Telsolutions provide advanced debt collection & customer contact technology, strategies and communication tools to simplify business process. Our industry experience for revenue & collection applications provide proactive customer contact for reducing business costs and improving income. Our services deliver intelligent customer behaviour tracking & auto-decisioning communications, that are highly effective at producing results and customer outcomes. We demonstrate business efficiency gains and savings directly through clear success measurement and continual account performance review.

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Company Watch
Information and Engagement

ompany Watch provides credit risk analysis and data modelling tools to organisations globally who rely on our ability to accurately predict their exposure to financial risk. Our scores are trusted by banks, corporates, investment houses and public sector bodies because we are transparent and flexible in our approach: we enable our clients to drill-down into factors driving our analysis and provide tools to stress-test our scores. They saved millions by managing down exposure to companies such as Carillion and Toys R Us.

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