Direct Line launches new insurance solution for financial services professionals

Direct Line for Business has announced the launch of a new end-to-end business insurance solution that enables owners of small and micro sized financial services firms and contractors operating in the sector to buy insurance directly and with confidence. The transformative programme includes an intuitive and responsive online tool that enables customers to create a customised policy that is totally unique to their business. This means policyholders will only pay for the insurance that they need.

The online tool asks some simple questions that are personalised according to the customer’s trade. The tool uses the owner’s knowledge of their particular business to deliver the best set of questions to create the right policy for them.

The new solution also offers clear, transparent and modular cover that will give business owners the confidence that they have the right level of insurance. Customers can see the cost of each product section and have the ability to add or remove options as they choose. New cover options are now available so that customers can choose multiple locations, such as working in an office, renting a desk or a space in places such as WeWork and Regus, a pop-up location or working from home. This reflects the changing landscape of how businesses work and the places in which they work.

Critically, with no mid-term amendment fees, policyholders can also change their cover levels as their business flexes, such as expanding or contracting their workforce, or working from multiple locations or opening new premises.

Jazz Gakhal, Managing Director at Direct Line for Business, said: “Small businesses are the lifeblood of the UK economy. We understand that no two financial services businesses are the same we need to ensure we have an insurance solution that can keep up with the evolving landscape of the business sector.

“Our research shows that companies are constantly changing, whether it’s recruiting staff or expanding into new premises, so they need peace of mind that they have an insurance policy that is adaptable and flexible enough to keep up with their ever changing world.”

The launch is supported by a major new marketing campaign entitled “Keeping up with your world”. The advertisement features a dynamic female business owner in her 30s, starting off self-employed and then growing and running her own business. The fast-paced scene changes and cuts show how much a small business owner must consider, such as hiring staff, chasing down clients and moving from working at a kitchen table to a busy office.

The ad lays down a bold challenge by asking, “Can your business insurance do that?” emphasising how Direct Line continues to disrupt the insurance marketplace, making it ever easier for small companies to buy direct with confidence.