Datalyse’s CRM will Help Support your Business for Free During COVID-19

There is no certainty in how long this pandemic will last. As a small business, Datalyse will help support your small business for free during COVID-19 for 3 months.

This review comes as Datalyse, a specialist SaaS operation in CRM (Customer Service Management), sees the challenges of small and medium sized businesses.

As the nation is struggling to keep abreast of the Coronavirus, 3 year old Datalyse, a specialist in providing remote working access has the infrastructure and processes in place to assist with call centre operations.

Contact centres are seeing huge demands on their operations. People are at home and as a human race we tend to do things that we would on our time off, such as phoning to update our insurances, finding out what the service charges are for domestic providers such as gas and electric. The most recent being customers seeking financial support and mortgage payment breaks a direct result of Covid-19.

However, this huge demand is also causing issues with call centre workers who are working remotely and are having a problem with access to their systems. Contact centre operations usually have disaster recovery in place, or business critical plans, however with such a huge impact on not just the UK but the world, there are probably a very few who have remote working under control.

With this outbreak of COVID-19 Marc Castro, 29 year old entrepreneur based in Cardiff, Wales decided that he wanted to offer businesses across the UK a free three month service.

Castro explained, “Now, more than ever is the time to help businesses grow and get processes in place. Our economy will suffer and I want to be in a position to provide a service where I can support small businesses right now either by stabilising or helping with their growth.

‘Datalyse, a cloud based sales platform has the infrastructure in place and already provides remote working access. We have been providing our services here in the UK since 2017 and most recently won contracts overseas.”

Whether you’re new to CRM’s, an established business using an old system or, have a new system in place, is offering to combine the different elements that businesses need all on one platform, to help you increase your sales and day to day business operations. This free service provides access to staff who are working remotely, such as call centre staff and those in the insurance industry.

Marc continued, “Supporting businesses for free right now is paramount and fits in with our overall mission to help their growth, whatever circumstances we find ourselves in right now.”