Cybersecurity serviceprovides peace of mind for financial services firms

An award-winning cybersecurity start-up aims to provide peace of mind for financial services firms with its new service which offers 24-hour monitoring and allows instant compliance checks.

bluedog Security Monitoring offers firms of all sizes the type of round-the-clock managed detection service previously only available to larger corporates. It also enables them to check the status of their cybersecurity at any time via a simple dashboard, and produce rapid reports to reassure customers and provide proof of compliance.

The system is ideal for lenders, insurance and investment firms, hedge funds and IFA networks – or any organisation which requires greater oversight of its cybersecurity.

The London-based business has been launched by serial entrepreneur Paul Lomax and cybersecurity expert Tim Thurlings. They aim to revolutionise the market for 24-hour cybersecurity monitoring by making services accessible to all.

The bluedog system uses artificial intelligence to spot unusual activity on a company’s network. It then alerts bluedog’s security operations centre, where the team analyses the activity and can respond if required. Meanwhile the dashboard shows their compliance with key standards such as GDPR, Cyber Essentials, ISO 27001 and the payment card standard PCI-DSS.

Tim Thurlings, co-founder of bluedog, said: “Financial services businesses are key targets for cybercriminals and many face constant attacks. Firewalls and endpoint protection which firms have traditionally relied on are no longer adequate in today’s environment – they need to take their security to the next level.

“bluedog gives them 24/7 access to a whole team of cyber experts for less than the cost of a part-time staff member. It helps them to maintain standards, day in day out, and demonstrate they are in control, providing proof of compliance and ultimately, peace of mind.”