Customers rate LendingMetrics

Automated underwriting technology company LendingMetrics has scored highly in a recent customer satisfaction survey.

The firm’s survey of clients found that it had an 80%-plus satisfaction ranking – despite it working in information technology, an area prone to customer dissatisfaction.

LendingMetrics Head of Operations, Paul Brown, said: ‘We work in an area that involves quite a bit of complexity. Customers need to take on board a lot of information and make significant changes to the way they do things. As a supplier, we have to be tuned-in to their requirements. This can lead to mis-matches, and we all know how this sort of thing has the potential to result in grounding-in problems with new IT systems.’

‘This survey shows that we are getting it right, which is something that not all IT suppliers can boast.’

The Fareham-based company’s survey showed that 89% of customers were likely to promote its platforms. Also, customers gave LM’s service a rating of 86%, with client communication put at 8.2 out of 10.