Commenting on annual wind energy provided to the UK grid achieving record levels

Commenting on annual wind energy provided to the UK grid achieving record levels, Harry Merrison, Investment Manager at Kingswood, said: “The figures produced by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (‘BEIS’) show that annual wind energy provided to the grid achieved record breaking levels of 17.1% last year, up from 14.8% in 2017. The numbers highlight that investment in renewables is thriving and the Government’s backing of wind energy is revolutionising the way our energy system works. The UK renewables sector provide a much needed economic boost, spreading employment and investment across the country. The global renewable energy market, is growing rapidly and as millennials have grown up with climate change warnings, carbon neutral targets and the transition to clean energy is very much on track. The result of the world moving towards a future of cleaner energy is that demand for more ethical investment products has swollen. ESG funds, for example, hold younger companies; a structural nuance as new companies tend to be more ethically focussed from the get-go and unencumbered with legacy issues.

We firmly believe ESG integration and engagement, effectively implemented, can lead to better investment decisions, and ultimately enhanced returns. Kingswood offers a complementary set of portfolios to its core models which are suitable for socially conscious clients.”