Comment on the EU granting the UK data adequacy

The EU has finally granted the UK data adequacy, please find comment below from Rob Masson, CEO, The DPO Centre. If you would like further comment do let me know

“Data, and its freedom to cross borders between the EU and the UK, has remained a critical issue post-Brexit, so the European Commission granting the UK ‘Data Adequacy’ will come as a welcome relief to the thousands of companies, particularly those in the financial and healthcare sectors, who would otherwise have had to implement onerous additional transfer safeguards.

“It should be noted, however, that gaining adequacy has not removed the requirement to appoint an EU Representative. Since Brexit the UK is now a “3rd country” so Article 27 of the EU GDPR now applies to UK companies where previously it did not, so many companies are being caught out by this.

“Going forwards, the UK has an opportunity to create a strong data infrastructure; with a high level of regulatory compliance, along with developing a data-literate workforce, and increasing the number of people with advanced data skills. The data economy is integral to the UK’s growth and future prosperity.”