CCUA conference delegates agree with experts about benefit of AI

Delegates at the 2018 CCUA (Civil Court Users association) conference at which ACS was a lead speaker were optimistic about the impact super-intelligence would have on humanity.

Some 48% of the conference delegates believed that the impact of AI or super-intelligence on humanity would be on balance good or extremely good. This compares with 52% of AI experts polled by Oxford University in a survey in 2013.

However, when it came to suggesting when a machine would be available which could simulate the learning and other aspect of human intelligence the delegates were more optimistic than the experts when they suggested that 2044 would be likely date. Only 2% of the experts polled in the Oxford University survey believed that such a machine would exist by this date.

Lisa Phillips, Managing Director of ACS, commented. “For almost two decades ACS has been a leader in the use of technology to support its work to recover client debt. It is now one of the few DCAs actively exploring how AI can be used to increase collection rates and reduce costs for its clients and because of its experience in the field was invited by the CCUA to be the lead speaker on the use of AI in the sector.”