Car Leasing Company Launches Virtual Quiz for Working From Home Team

A family-owned Manchester vehicle leasing company has launched its disaster recovery plan in response to the Coronavirus.

There has been a huge change in process and working practice allowing working from home where possible.

By moving a large proportion of staff off site and stopping all face-to-face meetings, a large amount of space has been created within the offices and as such those key personnel remaining on site have been able to spread further and create adequate space between workplaces, enhancing the safety.

All visitors and meetings were moved to video calls/conference calls with immediate effect and only limited staff and cleaning personnel are allowed on site.

Mike Thompson, Director of Sales and Marketing at, said “Our in-house Dev and IT team have managed to ensure 65 per cent of the staff have been transitioned to ‘working from home’, which has resulted in a new element of process internally from customer enquiry to through to order from supplier.

“The positive of the situation is that this is a business enhancement here for the long term now as we have increased the paperless element of the customer journey.

“There has been a large investment from the owners in technology and hardware to facilitate these changes and it’s a testament to our IT team’s commitment and skill that they have managed to implement these new measures so quickly.”

Communication has been key with regular updates being circulated to the team, utilising modern workplace software solutions and conferencing facilities to enable a continuation of service for customers.

Facts sheets and help guides have been circulated to staff so that they can be up to date with the appropriate health agencies recommendations and advice.

The amount of on-site cleaning services has been increased 33 per cent, with focus on additional sterilisation of all desks, equipment, communal areas and doors.

Mike Thompson explained why the business felt the need to take these measures: “With staff of 70 who believe are family and come from all areas of Greater Manchester, we felt it was really important to address the threat that Coronavirus has on our team and business.

“If any of our staff were to be taken ill with it, we want them to be prepared and know how to look after themselves first and foremost. Their health and safety is our number one priority.

“As a company, we are very people-focused – both in terms of our team and customers. By having these plans in place, we can make sure we protect our staff as much as possible, while maintaining our excellent customer care.”

As the ‘working from home’ staff have reported they felt a little isolated and distant and ‘missed LeasingOptions family life’ a noontime lunch quiz was initiated by Mike, all staff video call in and have 20 minutes light relief. This has been reported as massively boosting morale and efficiency by all the staff participating. Mike even enlisted the Leasing Options Compliance Manager to serve the role of ‘quiz master’ not something that he had envisioned when taking the job.