CallMiner Unveils New Eureka Capture Real-time Audio Acquisition for Speech Analytics

CallMiner, the provider of award-winning speech and customer engagement analytics platform, Eureka, today released the latest addition to its expanding product portfolio at Enterprise Connect 2019 happening March 18-21 — Eureka Capture. Capture acquires high-fidelity audio in real-time providing a foundation for faster, secure and more accurate insight and intelligence from contact center interactions.

With dual-channel audio, contact centers can rely on accurate transcription from both the customer and the agent to enable speech analytics use cases that consider the Voice of the Customer (VoC) and the Voice of the Employee (VoE). Hi-fidelity contact center audio accurately drives in-the-moment customer experience alerts and supports more effective agent performance measurement. With Eureka Capture, audio is never written to disk and is available instantaneously for immediate presentation, analytics, and real-time alerting or guidance, regardless of call volume to offer maximum scalability options.

“The Voice of the Customer, freely expressed every day in contact center conversations, is the heart of the customer experience journey. With the increasing number of companies that now compete on customer experience, it’s essential that they can capture that voice in the fastest, most accurate, and secure way,” said Adam Walton, chief operating officer at CallMiner. “That’s where Eureka Capture comes into play, by securely routing real-time, high fidelity contact center audio to the Eureka platform, fueling the AI-driven insight needed to make customer and employee-facing decisions.”

With its ability to harness data without storage, consumers benefit from optimized security in compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards. Also, with real-time redaction complemented by TLS 1.2 encryption for audio and metadata protection, sensitive data is immediately eliminated for multi-channel security.

Eureka Capture simplifies integration with call center infrastructures. Those with existing systems in place do not need to worry about redesign or replacements as it harmoniously co- exists with legacy call recording. Combined with its adaptability to a range of telephony environments through IP and Session Initiation Protocol Recording (SIPREC) support, the solution features self-configurable, premise-based installation capabilities for comprehensive, universal application across the industry.