Bright future for Egypt’s health tourism industry

Egypt’s rapidly expanding health tourism industry and its role in helping the country to educate and retain medical professionals is explored by Shady Ali Hussein, chairman of the Reversing Medical Tourism Flow Organisation and chairman and CEO of Shiny White, in an interview he gave to Oxford Business Group’s online broadcasting channel, Global Platform.

According to OBG’s most recent Egypt Business Barometer, 27% of CEOs saw growth of tourism as the internal event likely to have the greatest economic impact on Egypt’s economy. In this interview, Ali Hussein outlines his thoughts on the important role that the medical industry can play in strengthening the growth potential of traditional tourism.

Ali Hussein told viewers that growing awareness among medical tourists of the advantages held by developing countries such as Egypt was driving growth across the industry. “With the development of digital infrastructure and the internet, people can compare prices and see patients’ stories, as well as examples of the treatment and the outcome,” he said. “These countries are starting to be aware that it’s a very economic, profitable source of business.”

Attractions for health care tourists, he added, included lower medical fees and on-par standards of treatment in fields that ranged from cosmetic surgery to dental care, delivered by skilled professionals using the latest technology. “For example, you can find a single implant with a crown, all inclusive, for $900 in Egypt which is $2500 in America,” he noted.

The CEO said he expected more medical tourists to arrive from Western countries as awareness about the treatments and services Egypt offers increases. He also told viewers that the industry’s development was helping to reverse a decade-long trend of young people travelling abroad to study and practise medicine, with rising numbers choosing instead to remain in Egypt. “We’ve started to change the mentality,” he said. “We now have 32 dental schools and about 15,000 new dentists graduating each year.”

Marc-André de Blois, OBG’s director of PR and Video Content, said the interview with Ali Hussein showed that Egypt’s broader plans to carve a niche as a medical tourism hub were now clearly taking shape.

“Egypt is well placed to tap into this fast-expanding industry, supported not only by modern facilities, highly trained professionals and competitive pricing, but also other attractions that are important draws for visitors, such as its popular natural springs and good weather,” he said. “I’m delighted that viewers have been given an opportunity to hear more about this important segment of Egypt’s economy and the many investment opportunities that it is already beginning to produce.”

Shady Ali Hussein, chairman of the Reversing Medical Tourism Flow Organisation and chairman and CEO of Shiny White and Marc-André de Blois, Director of PR and Video Content, Oxford Business Group are available for interviews upon request are available for interviews upon request.