Auto-decisioning leader partners with WPS

LendingMetrics’ clients will soon be able to use WPS Analytics for data processing and advanced predictive analytics.

The provider of multi-award winning auto-decisioning platform ADP has partnered with the company behind WPS Analytics – UK-based World Programming – to give users access to a heavyweight suite of data processing and analytics tools.

ADP already has openly-connected integration with major credit ratings agencies and other technology partners, so LendingMetrics is confidant that the WPS integration can be completed swiftly and without issue.

Using WPS Analytics, finance providers will be able to devise custom analytics, such as scorecards, to complement information gathered on customers during application. And, when deployed within ADP as part of the decisioning process, they will be able to gain a more comprehensive insight into applicants’ background.

David Wylie, Managing Director LendingMetrics, said: ‘LendingMetrics’ ADP solution is attracting interest across the lending technology sector, where it is forming the backbone of a sophisticated credit-data and analytics ecosystem. By bringing together specialist providers via our openly connected API suite, we are delivering to our customers a best in class experience. We are therefore excited to be welcoming on-board WPS, a truly forward thinking and innovative partner.’

Oli Plaistowe, Head of Solutions WPS Analytics, said: ‘Working with LendingMetrics has proven how flexible the WPS Analytics technology stack is for building business analytics applications that can be deployed and updated in real-time with a single click. Helping companies avoid the complexity of managing the deployment code and at the same time providing a layer of analytical governance, allows businesses to focus on their expertise.’