67% of homebuyers want to see the stamp duty holiday extended while half are worried they’ll miss the current deadline

Research by the world’s leading high-net-worth mortgage broker, Enness Global, has revealed to just what extent the current stamp duty holiday in its various forms across the UK has helped boost the market, as well as homebuyer thoughts around missing and extending the current deadline.

Enness surveyed 1,000 current homebuyers and asked them:

  • If they decided to buy a property because of the current stamp duty holiday?
  • If they are worried that their sale won’t complete in time because of the current market backlog?
  • If they think the current stamp duty holiday should be extended?

It’s clear that since the introduction of the stamp duty holiday last year, the housing market has exploded into life with mortgage approvals, transactions and house prices all increasing notably.

However, while the current stamp duty holiday has been largely credited for this, just 25% of homebuyers stated that it was the driving motivation behind their decision to buy, with 71% buying for alternative reasons.

Since the property sector reopened for business, buyers have flooded the market and this heightened activity has caused notable delays and a backlog of sales, largely at the backend legal stages of the transaction process.

With many left in limbo and waiting to complete, it’s no surprise that 48% of homebuyers are worried that their sale won’t complete before the March 31st deadline and they will still be required to pay stamp duty.

No surprise then, that 67% of homebuyers would like to see the current stamp duty holiday extended beyond the end of March.

Managing Director of Enness Global Mortgages, Hugh Wade-Jones, commented: “It’s clear that the opportunity to save on stamp duty has helped to revitalise the UK property market in what have been tough times due to Covid.

“However, for many homebuyers it has been an added bonus rather than the driving factor behind their intent to purchase, with just 25% of buyers entering the market due to the stamp duty holiday itself. This is still quite considerable when you consider there are around one million transactions completed a year and so a 25% boost translates to hundreds of thousands of additional sales.

“Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and it looks unlikely that we will see an extension beyond the original March deadline.

“With the clock ticking, those yet to complete due to current market delays will be forgiven if an air of panic is starting to set in, having had an offer accepted well in advance of the deadline.

“Perhaps a fair alternative to an extension would be to allow those who have an offer formally accepted prior to the end of March to also qualify for stamp duty relief.”

Survey of 1,001 recent homebuyers carried out by Find Out How (January 7th 2021).

Note – Find Out How includes all responses from the Yorkshire and Humber region within the North East classification.